Room Type Accommodation Capacity Balcony Bathtub Gauze Bed Hangings Skylight King Size Bed standard Floor Mezzanine Facing West Facing North
Elegant Double Room 1-2 Guests           V V   V  
Top Double Room A 1-2 Guests V   V   V   V   V  
Top Double Room B 1-2 Guests V       V   V   V  
Top Double Room C 1-2 Guests   V     V   V   V  
Star Double Room 1-2 Guests       V V   V   V  
Mountain View 1-2 Guests V V     V   V   V V
Classic Double Room 1-2 Guests   V   V V   V   V V
Twin Double Room A 2-4 Guests V       V   V   V  
Luxury Standard Room 1-2人 V       V V     V  
Star Standard Room 1-2人 V       V V     V  
Double Suite with View 1-2人         V V   V V V
Double Deck Room with a Japanese Mezzanine 2-4 Guests               V    
Double Deck Twin with a Japanese Mezzanine 2-4 Guests         V     V V  
Star Twin Double A 2-4 Guests V     V V     V V  
Star Twin Double B 2-4 Guests       V V     V V  
Star Twin Double C 2-4 Guests V     V V     V V  


Q & A

Q1: Is there any luggage storage service before check-in and after check-out?
A: Check-in hours normally span from 15:00 to 17:00. The check-out time is 11:00. If you are arriving between 17:00 to 21:00, please call to inform us.
   And yes, we do provide luggage storage service at our counter before check-in and after check-out.
Q2: Do you provide parking spaces?
A: Yes, we do provide free parking spaces.
Q3: Is there any elevator?
A: Unfortunately, we don't have an elevator. For certain room types, you do need to use stairs, but only for one story. For those in wheelchair or with disabilities, there are other suitable room types.
Q4: Do you have afternoon tea and light meal service?
A: Yes, please refer to our latest updates.
Q5: Are there any other restaurant?
A: Yes. The restaurants in Cingjing area are only open until 20:30. After that, there are only snacks in 7-11. We will provide more information upon your arrival.
Q6: Do you provide access to internet?
A: We do provide free Wi-Fi access throughout the villa. Please ask receptionists at the counter for the password.
Q7: Is there air-conditioning?
A: No. While Taiwan is in a subtropical zone, the average temperature in Cingjing ranges from 16℃ to 18℃. It remains cool in summer and while it is cooler in winter, all beds are equipped with electric thermal blankets.
Q8: Do you provide toiletries?
Yes, we do provide tooth paste and tooth brushes, shower gel and shampoo, towels of different size and paper slippers, as well as hair dryer in each room.
Q9: What are the dimensions of your beds?
A: For certain room types, we provide standard double beds, while for others, we provide queen size double beds.
    (1) Standard double bed: 5×6.2(152cm×190cm)
    (2)Queen size double bed: 6×6.2(182cm×190cm)
Q10: Do you provide additional beds? What if we decide to cuddle up or crash out on the floor to accommodate extra persons?
A: We don't provide additional beds. Only one additional guest is allowed for each room. There will be a markup for any additional guest over 100cm.
Q11: Is hot water supplied at certain hours only?
A:There is no time restriction on hot water supply. It is supplied 24-7.
Q12:Can I bring my pet? She is such a good girl. She does not bark at strangers and there is no need to clean up after her.
A: Pets are not allowed in Top Cloud.
Q13: Can we cook our own food?
A: Our kitchen is not open to guests.
Q14: Do you provide any medical services?
A: We only have some simple medications for external use. Please prepare any medication that you need to take. There is also a medical station nearby every Friday evening to Sunday as well as on national holidays.
Q15: Do you provide transport?
A: If you are taking a bus, we can pick you up or take you to the bus stop for free. For more information, please call or email us. We will charge for any other transport service, as we also provide pick-ups at or rides to various clubs in Taichung city, THSR Taichung Station, Taichung Airport, and Taichung Railway Station.
Q16: Do you exchange foreign currency?
A: In Taiwan, you can only exchange foreign currency in banks or certain major hotels. As there are no such establishments in Cingjing, please prepare enough New Taiwan dollars.