Booking Information


Cancellation and Amendment Policy:

※If you can’t check in on the original scheduled date, you will be notified within 14 days (excluding the check-in date) , and you will be charged according to the following chart (a handling fee of NT$100 will be charged for refunds)


  14 days ago 13 to 10 days ago 9 to 7 days ago 6 days to 3 days ago 2 days ago to the current day
Cancel free cancellation

25% of the price

30% of the price 40% of the price non-cancellable

Extended reservation

(50% of the room fee must be remitted)


Extended retention for half a year

(unlimited dates)

Extended retention for half a year

(not applicable on holidays)

10% handling fee

keep half a year

(not applicable on holidays)


※If you book a room through other booking platforms that are not on the official website, you must follow the rules of the booking platform - cancellations and extensions are not allowed within seven days.
※In case of natural disasters of force majeure (the suspension of classes announced in Nantou County), unsubscription may be accepted (a handling fee of NT$100 will be charged for refunds).

If you stay more than 2 nights, you will be charged the total room rate when you check in on the first day. If you cancel the reservation and do not check in or check out early, no extension or refund will be given.

※If you do not meet the procedures for canceling the reservation, the hotel will treat it as canceling the reservation on the same day, and the deposit will be confiscated without prior notice.
※Those who fail to check in by 18:00 on the scheduled check-in day and fail to notify will be charged the full room rate and the room will be released for the first night.
※After the application for extension of reservation is completed, no further application for refund is allowed.

※Extended reservation use: Take the initiative to make a reservation by phone or LINE. After the reservation is completed, the remaining room fee must be paid within two days from the reservation date.