Booking Information


payment method

※Telephone reservation (LINE reservation):

50% deposit of the total room fee must be remitted within the specified date after booking
A).Taiwanese tourists: Please call (LINE) within the time limit to inform the "reservation person's name", "transfer the last four digits of the account number" and "transfer amount", and the reservation process will be completed.

B).Foreign travelers: Please reply within the time limit to complete the remittance to complete the room reservation procedure.
If the deposit is not remitted on time or notified in the future, the reserved room will be automatically cancelled.

The final payment is to be made upon check-in, and only cash or national tourist card payment methods are available.

Account Name: 夏俊
Bank Code: 006
Bank: 合作金庫銀行 東埔里分行
Account number: 5595-765-539-333

※Official website reservation:

When booking a room, you must leave credit card information as a performance guarantee (50% deposit is used), and no deduction will be made for normal check-in.
Payment is made upon check-in, only cash payment is accepted.

※Reservation platform reservation:

Pay the room fee according to the payment method on the reservation platform. If you choose to pay the room fee at check-in,Payment is due at check-in, only cash payment is accepted.
The cancellation method shall be in accordance with the regulations of the platform.