Booking Information


In order to protect your rights and interests, please read carefully before booking

**Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to check in (this is not the case if parents can restrain children, please do not book if children are not under control), and adults who cannot discipline themselves are not allowed to book to avoid causing trouble for both parties.
**The sound insulation of wooden buildings is limited. If you prefer lively and singing, please do not book a room.
**Please lower the voice after 21:00.

​1 TOP-CLOUD is located on a 3-meter-wide industrial road that is 350 meters away from Jiacha Road on Tai 14. There will be five meeting points and three traffic lights on the way. There are street lights at night, and 20-seater minibuses can pass through. You can refer to the photos of the road in the traffic information on the official website.

2 TOP-CLOUD is located on a high mountain at an altitude of 1,700 meters. In order to maintain the ecology of the environment, we did not use pesticides to drive away insects, so it is inevitable that there will be some phototactic insects. If you are afraid, you can close the windows and draw the blackout curtains.

3 TOP-CLOUD is located in a quiet mountain area. It is a wooden building. Although it has been sound-proofed, if you encounter more excited passengers or children running and jumping, there will inevitably be noise problems. If you need sleep quality, please choose the room type carefully. If you are disturbed, you can take the initiative to inform the counter notification committee for assistance.

4 TOP-CLOUD is not a hotel-style service. Luggage must be taken to the room by yourself (up to one floor of stairs). There is no telephone or air-conditioning in the room. If you need help, you can contact it during the service hours of the counter.

5 Mountainous areas tend to get foggy after nightfall.Reception of our homestay will until 21:00, check-in time is 15:00~21:00. If you arrive early, you can park and store your luggage after registration.
but if the check-in time is exceeded and you cannot be reached, we will not be able to do the check-in for you, and the room fee will not be refund. however, if you want to do the check-in after our working hour(late check-in), please make a reservation before 13:00, so that we can easily to handle our human resource, but there will be a service charge TWD300 for each hour. thank you for your understanding

6 Three days before check-in, we will send you an E-MAIL to confirm the check-in instructions, please take the initiative to reply.

7 There is no extra bed service, in order to ensure the quality of everyone’s accommodation **Holidays/consecutive holidays cannot exceed the occupancy. A maximum of one person (including babies) can be added to each room on weekdays. An additional cleaning fee of $800 (including quilts, pillows, and accessories) will be charged if the height exceeds 100 cm. Please note the number of guests correctly (how big or small). , an extra occupancy fee will be charged, $1800 per person.

8 We like pets. We have a old border collie living with us. However, in order to ensure the quality of accommodation for all guests, no pets can be accommodated in the rooms.

9 Barbecue, cooking (except double suites with wide view), camping and any group recreational activities are prohibited in the whole area of ​​Genting.

10 If you book more than 5 rooms, you must abide by the relevant regulations for group guests, and the TOP-CLOUD cannot provide additional meeting places.

11 After booking, you agree to our cancellation policy. You can cancel free of charge 14 days before (a 100 yuan handling fee will be charged for refunds). Within 14 days, you will be charged a cancellation fee according to the cancellation time. TOP-CLOUD is located in a mountainous area and cannot be postponed due to rain on the day or cancel.

12 In order to comply with the government's environmental protection policy, the hotel industry does not provide single-use hotel supplies. At this stage, please bring more personal hygiene products, such as combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, shaving foam and shower caps.

13 If your travel plan is to arrive in Cingjing via the Central Trans-Highway (Provincial Highway 8, Provincial Highway 14A), please pay attention to the changing or regular construction road controls or controls during the snow and flower seasons.

14 Items left in the room will be kept for 3 days from the check-out date and notification date. If there is no contact with the delivery address, the B&B will treat it as waste.

If you have any questions about the above relevant regulations,please contact as soon as possibleTOP-CLOUDContact for inquiries.