Booking Information

  • Single-day, room rates include a breakfast served daily from 07:00 till 09:00.
  • We don't provide additional beds. Should the number of guests exceed accommodation capacity, each additional guest (one additional guest allowed per room), here is the markup:
  • Free for children under 100 cm (No extra beds, no free breakfast)
  • 600NTD for anyone over 101cm (No extra bedding or beds; breakfasts are included.)



We do provide cribs for infants under 90 cm. Please contact us at the check-in counter, if you need one (400 NTD/night).

Guidelines for reservation:

Reservation Process by Phone or Email:
A).Domestic visitors please call to book your room and let us know how many guests (adults and children) we should expect.
B).Overseas visitors please send us an email ([email protected]) to inform us of your reservation information including how many guests (adults and children) we should expect.
※We provide RMB account for overseas guests’ convenience to make reservations.

Deposit Time and Amount:

Deposit Remittance
Account Holder: Hsia Chun
Institution Number for ATM Transfer: 006
Branch Name: Taiwan Cooperative Bank Dong Puli Branch
Account Number:5595-765-539-333
Within 3 days from the moment of reservation, please wire transfer a down payment to the designated account.
We ask for 50% of your room rate as the down payment.

After Remittance:

A).Domestic visitors: please call to inform us of the holder or the last 4 digits of the wire transfer account within the due time to conclude reservation.
B).Overseas visitors: please email us to inform us of the wire transfer to conclude reservation.

Remittance Overdue:

If we don't receive the down payment within the due time, or if we haven't been informed of your transaction, your reservation will automatically be cancelled.

Check-In Rules:

If guests arrive after 17:00 for their room, please make sure that you give us a call by then so that we will continue to reserve your room. The lack of such update will result in room cancellation and the forfeiture of down payment without further notice. (Should there be other special circumstances that prevent guests from arriving on time, please also call to inform us.)

Accommodation Regulations:

Time for check-in: after 15:00.
Time for checkout: the next day after lodging before 11:00。
If guests check out after the due time, we charge 300NTD for every hour. For late checkout after 18:00, a full day payment will be charged.
Number for reservation: 049-2801299 or 049-2803788 (reservation crew office hours: 08:00~22:00)
Address: No.182-2, Renhe Rd., Datong Village, Ren'ai Township, Nantou County 546, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (opposite from You-shi Headquarter of Cingjing Farm)
※ We provide RBM and HK accounts for overseas guests’ convenience to make reservations.

Natural Disasters:

In the event of force majeure events (in accordance with the rules and regulations of the local county and city government), e.g. typhoons, earthquakes, etc., that occur in the area of Top Cloud Villa on the reserved day(s), and guests would like to cancel your reservation, please call to initiate the cancellation procedures while following our guidelines.

Guidelines for cancellation:

Reservation cancellation policy:
If for certain reasons, guests cannot make it here on the assumed day of lodging, please call us to cancel your reservation. If the reservation is cancelled 14 days prior to the assumed day of lodging (which is not included in the 14 days), guests will be given a full refund. Likewise, we refund 70% of your down payment for cancellation 10 to 13 days prior to the assumed day of lodging, 50% for 7 to 9, 40% for 4 to 6, 30% for2 to 3, and 20% for 1.
Cancellation on the assumed day of lodging or the lack of any cancellation notice means the forfeiture of down payment.
Any cancellation that contradicts the guideline above will be seen as cancellation on the assumed day of lodging and result in the forfeiture of the down payment without further notice.

Last Minute Cancellation Policy :
Upon arrival, you will pay the full amount of the room charge if your stay exceeds two nights. For cancellation on arrival, during stay, no show or early check-out, the guest is charged 100% of the stay based on the room type of his/her choice. We reserve the right to charge 100% of the reservation in case of no-show.

Pets are not allowed.:
We love animals as much as you do. However, due to many factors, pets are not allowed in our property. We sincerely apologize.

No BBQ or cooking:
Please refrain from using any electrical appliances to cook. We maintain the right to serve any guest under this circumstances and will not refund a full amount of the room charge.