Taiwan Cingjing Attractions

On Foot

Towards the South

Little Swiss Garden (Carton King Restaurant)/7-11/Starbucks Walk 700 meters for about 10-15 minutes (you will also come across some other restaurants there).

Towards the North

The Green Green Grassland, 1.5 kilometers away, takes about 30 to 40 minutes to reach as you walk uphill. The trip back will take you 20 minutes as you walk downhill. On holidays (Saturdays and Sundays), there will be a Nantou Bus that can take you up to The Green Green Grassland (20 NTD/per person). You can stroll on your way back down to enjoy the scenery along the way.

Transportation Fares

Short distance rides within the Cingjing Farm Resort (free shuttle services)

Green Green Grassland / Little Swiss Garden / The Old English Manor
Small automobile (for less than four passengers) NTD200/Single Trip NTD400/Round Trip
Large automobile (for 5 or more passengers) NTD300/Single Trip NTD600/Round Trip
Upper Cingjing Farm Resort
Small automobile (for less than four passengers) NTD250/Single Trip NTD500/Round Trip
Large automobile(for 5 or more passengers) NTD350/Single Trip NTD700/Round Trip
  • We also provide short distance ride services within the Cingjing Farm Resort:
    while a ride in a small automobile will cost 200 NTD per trip, a ride on a larger automobile will cost 300 NTD every trip. We will charge an extra of 50 NTD for all night trips (please see the table above).
  • If you would like to go on a distant outing to attractions like Hehuan Mountain, or Lushan, or Aowanda,
    we suggest that you charter an automobile or join a local tour. (Please contact Top Cloud Villa for more information.)
  • Cingjing Skywalk


    Distance:Walking Time 15min;Drive Time 3min

    Cingjing Skywalk

  • Small Swiss Garden


    Distance:Walking Time 10min;Drive Time 3min

    The beautiful Northern European atmosphere at the Small Swiss Garden has given it the name of “Taiwan’s Little Switzerland” and “Paradise in the Mist”. The colorful flowers, bald-cypresses, red maples and LED artificial sunflowers of the garden give it a unique atmosphere.
    Source:Official Site of Cingjing Farm

  • Green Green Grasslands


    Distance:Walking Time 7min;Drive Time 40min

    Located in the northern section of Qingjing Farm is Green Green Grassland, which is an open pasture ground for livestock such as sheep and cows to roam and graze freely. Visitors are able to see the animals up close and interact with them.
    Source:Official Site of Cingjing Farm

  • Mount Hehuan


    Distance:Drive Time 30min

    Mount Hehuan is a 3,416-metre-high (11,207 ft) mountain in Central Taiwan. Snow, rare in the rest of Taiwan, is relatively common on the mountain during winter months. The Hehuanshan Road leads most of the way up the mountain to Wuling, a saddle between the Main Peak and the East Peak of Hehuanshan.

  • Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area


    Distance:Drive Time 60min

    Aowanda is famous for its beautiful maple leaves. Every autumn, maple leaves in Aowanda turn red and flutter in the air. Besides the maple trees, Aowanda also provide Aowanda Hot Spring, Wandanan River Hot Spring, and Wandapei River Hot Spring.
    Source:Official Site of Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan).

  • LuShan Hot Spring


    Distance:Drive Time 40min


  • ​Sun Moon Lake​


    Distance:Drive Time 1 hr 30 min

    Divided by Lalu Island, the Sun Moon Lake scenic area got its name from the unique terrain that looked like a sun on one side and a crescent moon on the other. Crowned as one of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake is also the most famous source of hydroelectric power; offering key tourist themes - “high mountain and lake”, “indigenous culture”, and “nature ecology,” the Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area attracts more than six million visitors each year.
    Sun Moon Lake features the only full-range 3D tours (lake, sky and land) in Taiwan. The lake cycling trail has been recognized by CNNGO, CNN as one of the most beautiful cycling trails in the world. Top scenic spots in the lake area include Lalu island, Wenwu Temple, Cien Pagoda, Lalu Island, Syuentzang Temple, Xian Mountain, Yongjie Bridge, Tongxin Bridge, Christian Church, Meihe Garden, Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village and Snake Kiln, and the 14 lake trails are the top choices for sightseeing and leisure activities; specialty recreational locations in surrounding areas include (organized based on tour theme): Jiji and Checheng (Railway Nostalgic Trip); Dili and Sangyong (Indigenous Village Tour); Lugao and Seshui (Black Tea Pottery Tour) and Puli Taumi and Toushe Live Basin (Nature and Ecological Tour).
    Source:Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration

  • Taroko National Park


    Distance:Drive Time 2 hr 30 min

    Taroko National Park, situated in the eastern part of the Taiwan and established on November 28, 1986, covers more than 92,000 hectares in the northern section of the Central Mountain Range. This park features high mountains and sheer gorges. Many of its peaks tower above 3,000m in elevation, with many natural wonders. The spectacular Taroko Gorge and the scenic beauty of Liwu River can be conveniently viewed from the Central Cross-Island Highway. The varied mountain peaks, numerous waterfalls, diverse plant forms and animal life, together with the indigenous Taroko people, create the rich texture of this unique natural ecosystem.
    Source : Taroko National Park Headquarters