Taiwan Cingjing Top-Cloud Villa

Top Cloud is located in a line of 14-8K at the end of an industrial road, suddenly feeling like a paradise found and suddenly make people forget the feeling of the rugged mountain road test. Top Cloud with clear sky during the day elegant; evening, the sea of clouds and sun filled the valley, sunset illuminated dynamic people linger without even realizing it; and bright stars and the night quiet and always unforgettable! Shoushan park barriers, so that we stay away from Mercedes-Benz truck on the highway the noise and bustle.

Top Cloud Chingjing farm in the center of green grassland, the small image of the Swiss Garden and 7-11 business district, there are trails to arrive. Top Cloud Autumn highest in four seasons. Cool air, warm and gentle sun, gradually turn color Qingfeng, Yanai Top Cloud charming valley constitute Autumn. The orientation of the cloud due west into the best sunset viewing spots Chingjing. Slow down your pace, relax your mind, Top Cloud invites you to share with us!

Cool Sunset Autumn Spring

The Beauty of Top Cloud

1Geographical Advantages

As we are located at the heart of the Cingjing Farm Resort, every attraction is within walking distance. Tucked away from the main road, we are blessed with quietude.

2Scenic Advantages

At an altitude of 1800 meters, the environment is very comfortable and suitable for residences. As we embrace floating clouds and rolling fogs, you can enjoy unobstructed view as there is not a single electric line or any architectural agglomeration in sight.
Residences can enjoy views with glowing sunsets, a rolling sea of clouds, and a night sky studded with stars. Though from a distance, guests can bask in the majesty of Mt. Guan-Dung-Jiun, Mt. Tung-yen, Mt. Nenggao, and Mt. Dasyue. Every year, there are two seasons in which guests may see the apparitions of fairies in the wilderness—the fireflies.

3Lodging Advantages

While our rooms are furnished with cypress imported from Alaska, every piece of furniture is handcrafted to perfect the natural charm of each room. Cozy and spacious, each room has a bath tub that allows a distinguished view--literally allowing guests to soak up the beauty of surrounding mountains.