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Qinjing Farm - Top Cloud Villa

Top Cloud Villa, the name originated from the scenes of a sea of clouds. The rain ceases to flow and forms a veil of mist and cloud on the halfway of hillside during the turn of spring and summer. The elegance of the scenery always brings our guests memorable reminiscence and the feeling of being at the top of clouds.
Besides the beauty of nature, we have planted innumerable kinds of roses that shine back with its surroundings. The scene is too beautiful to be taken in. We also built a one-of-a-kind yoga space for you to take a moment and mediate. In Top Cloud Villa, we present you a beautiful and cozy vacation getaway.

Trip planning

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Qingjing Farm Trip Planning

Top Cloud Villa is close to the most popular attractions in Qingjing Farm. We recommend you to explore the Green Green Grassland, Lushan Hot Spring, Skywalk, Hehuan Mountain and Aowanda National Forest Recreation. You could watch the sheep shearing in the Green Green Grassland, experiencing the expansive horizon and mountain landscape in Skywalk, soaking in hot springs in Lushan, watching the sunrise in Hehuan Mountain, and viewing the maple trees in Aowanda.
Top Cloud Villa is the best choice for you to experience the leisure of Qingjing Farm.